django-anon’s release numbering works as follows:

  • Versions are numbered in the form A.B or A.B.C.
  • A.B is the feature release version number. Each version will be mostly backwards compatible with the previous release. Exceptions to this rule will be listed in the release notes.
  • C is the patch release version number, which is incremented for bugfix and security releases. These releases will be 100% backwards-compatible with the previous patch release.



  • Dropped support for Django 1.8


  • Fixed an infinite loop condition in fake_username when using the default empty separator


  • Fixed bug that happens with newer versions of Django (> 2.2) #63


  • Updated bulk_update method to use Django’s built-in method if available
  • Changed default max_size for fake_email to 40
  • Fixed error in fake_text when max_size is too short


  • Added test for Django 3 using Python 3.7 in tox.ini
  • Improved performance of fake_text
  • Improved performance of BaseAnonymizer.patch_object
  • Fix bug with get_queryset not being treated as reserved name
  • Improved performance of fake_username
  • Removed rand_range argument from fake_username (backwards incompatible)
  • Changed select_chunk_size and update_batch_size to saner defaults


  • Initial release